TOLES Test of Legal English Skills is an international exam checking the level of acquired knowledge and skills related to legal English. The exam has been developed by the Global Legal English Institute – a membership organization of the International Department of the Lawyers Association in England and Wales.

In May 2015 the University of Law in Wroclaw became authorized Examination Center of the prestigious Test of Legal English Skills. The school is registered in the worldwide list of examination centers. Agnieszka Madej has been entrusted with the role related to coordinating all activities connected with courses and the exam itself.

The exam is intended for lawyers, trainees and students interested in getting a certificate recognized within international legal community  The certificate constitutes confirmation of acquiring practical skills in Legal English. Most of the European Universities introduced TOLES at the last year of studies in the field of Law.


  • TOLES is popular among law practitioners
  • is accepted by many law firms and associations (f.ex. the European Central Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the European Court of Justice)
  • allows to evaluate current skills in Legal English
  • checks practical knowledge
  • it can be taken many times
  • is an integral element of CV
  • constitutes a proof of professional development
  • exempts from final English language exams at the University of Law (required score is minimum 51% on TOLES Foundation level)
Pursuant to the rules   connected with English language courses at the University of Law in Wroclaw, TOLES exempts from those courses according to the following principles:
  • TOLES Foundation – from 51% grade 4.0, from 61% grade 5.0,
  • TOLES HIGHER I TOLES ADVANCED – from 30 % grade 5.0