About us



University of Law in Wroclaw consists of people creating common good that is increasing social awareness related to law. We aim to be the leader within practical legal education in Lower Silesia.


University of Law in Wroclaw is non-public university of a practical profile, focused on educating Students in social sciences with legal studies as the leading discipline.

We make every effort to educate Students in an atmosphere of mutual respect, acceptance of diversity and openness to share ideas and opinions.

Our academic staff consists of eminent academic teachers with professional experience as well as practitioners and experts who focus on preparing Students for future profession by developing Their skills and social competencies.

University of Law in Wroclaw supports Students in self-development, finding professional passions and developing individual talents. We promote gaining academic and professional experience abroad which helps Students to step out of their comfort zone and develop autonomy as well as self-confidence. We also value developing pro-social openness among Students which allows Them to make an individual contribution to the community.


We provide students with knowledge and professional experience but most of all we guide and support Them in developing professional talents.


We hire academic teachers and experts who convey their knowledge and experience.

We shape practical skills which constitute the crucial factor while considering future professional work.

We teach students to make their own decisions and prepare them to take responsibility for assigned tasks.

We share our passions and inspire students to learn and develop.


We increase social awareness related to law and promote knowledge connected with law and broadly defined internal security among young people.

We build relations based on mutual trust among students, lecturers and administrative staff.